Arion & Jack

Where Passion Becomes A Lifestyle

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Arion & Jack was born out of a passion to create and provide apparel for riders, horses and sport enthusiasts that is classic with a little twist.  Our brand was inspired by the very horses it was named after.  Arion (pictured left) is bold and makes a statement. Jack (pictured right) is athletic and fiery. Both have big, beautiful hearts and souls.  And that is what we're all about.  

Arion & Jack….where passion becomes a lifestyle. 

Our Story

Our story began in the late spring of 2008.  My son, Hunter, who was 6 at the time and nearing the end of his kindergarten year in school came home with a brightly colored flyer that would forever change the two of us.  The flyer was a registration form for a summer horseback riding camp.  I read it out loud and said "Hunter this sounds like fun".  He replied, "I know, Mom, I want to do that".  And so he did.  That very summer.  He enjoyed the three-day camp so much we agreed he would do another camp two weeks later.  Before we knew it he was enrolled in weekly horseback riding lessons when school began that fall.  One lesson a week turned into two lessons a week which turned into the purchase of a pony which of course lead to a necessary pony upgrade and then to qualifying for Pony Finals in 2013.  Obviously, Hunter had a passion for riding.  About two years and a pony into his riding, Hunter says to me one day, "Mom you should ride.  If you do I promise you'll never want to stop".  And boy was he right!  Riding soon became my passion as well.  So much so that I even became interested in competing.  Throughout Hunter's riding one of the things that I enjoyed, besides watching him ride, was coordinating his look for competitions (of course, I'm a woman!).  I was always looking for sporty shirts and color coordinating saddle pads that would look good on he and his pony.  So, when I began riding and especially competing, I wanted to coordinate my look, too!  I would search the internet for saddle pads and clothing that were somehow just a little different.  When I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for I began thinking maybe I should design and make my own. And so I did.  And then I thought if I want this maybe other riders will too! So, here we are.  Whether you are a rider, support a rider, enthusiast of the sport or just like cool stuff, I hope our products will make you and your horse feel special.  These ideas were born out of a passion to provide great products that are not just something you wear or put on your horse but becomes a lifestyle.   

We hope you enjoy them,

Brooke Roy